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  • (7/27/20) - The final report has been published for the NFPA research foundation project “Modern Vehicle Hazards in Parking Structures and Vehicle Carriers”, authored by Haavard Boehmer, Michael Klassen and Stephen Olenick. The report documents the changes in vehicle and garage design and identifies the factors that most impact the fire development. Areas where current codes may be inadequate are presented and knowledge gaps and potential areas of research required to address the hazard are identified. A copy of the final report can be downloaded and read here:

  • (6/10/20) - The full webinar "Modern Vehicle Hazards in Parking Structures and Vehicle Carriers" presented by Haavard Boehmer and Michael Klassen can be viewed here:

  • (5/13/20) - Haavard Boehmer and Mike Klassen will present a webinar detailing the results of the latest NFPA Research foundation project on modern vehicle fire hazards. The webinar will give an overview of how the hazards of modern vehicles have changed, along with a review of the applicability of the existing fire protection requirements to these new hazards. More information and the link to register:

  • (3/31/20) - Stephen Olenick, Haavard Boehmer, and Michael Klassen of Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc. completed a project for the NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation assessing the effect of a closed bedroom door on the detection and notification of residential fires.  Information on the project, including the final report, can be found on the Fire Protection Research Foundation's website:

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