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Applying science and engineering to fight the problems in combustion and fire.

Our cutting-edge projects are carried out by a group of talented engineers who want to transform our world. With everything we design and implement at Combustion Science & Engineering, we always make sure we work with our community in mind.

Who We Are

For more than twenty five years, Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc. (CSE) has been dedicated to the study, advancement, and application of combustion and fire science. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience, from the private to public sector, from academia to industry, CSE's spirited partnership and dedicated team offers exceptional technical leadership, intelligent solutions in combustion and fire protection, and superior fire and explosion investigations. Our corporate capabilities include extensive experience in applying scientific and engineering principles to the analysis of fire and combustion.

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With the current concerns about global warming and the desire to wisely utilize a variety of energy assets, CSE has the experience and capabilities to develop, assess, and optimize new systems to generate usable energy.

Engineering Plans

CSE applies fundamental physics and chemistry principles to the design and analysis of combustion systems.

fire sprinkler

CSE has the expertise to design and analyze fire protection engineering systems including detecting and suppression systems.


Using scientific and engineering principles, CSE is able to provide sound origin and cause determinations.


Extensive facilities and equipment for testing and characterizing combustion and power systems, and for conducting fundamental combustion R&D.


State of the art equipment for evidence inspection and testing, and has the ability to securely store evidence in either conditioned or unconditioned space.


A variety of test apparatus for fire and material characterization.

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