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For more than sixteen years, Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc. (CSE) has been dedicated to the study, advancement, and application of combustion and fire science. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience, from the private to public sector, from academia to industry, CSE’s spirited partnership and dedicated team offers exceptional technical leadership, intelligent solutions in combustion and fire protection, and superior fire and explosion investigations.

Our Services
bulletFire and Explosion Investigation & Litigation Support bulletCombustion System Engineering     and Analysis
bulletFire Protection Engineering bulletAdvanced Energy Systems

Our Services
bulletCombustion  Laboratory bulletEvidence Inspection, Storage, and     Testing Facilities
bulletFire and Materials Laboratory

Our Services

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Dr. Gokulakrishnan and Dr. Klassen's paper was recently published in Gas Turbine Emissions (T.C. Lieuwen and V. Yang, Eds.), Cambridge University Press, New York, 2013.

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"Spark of Truth: Can Science Bring Justice To Arson Trials?

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CSE Proudly announces:

bulletNasir Hussain's Completion of his M.S. degree

bulletStephen Olenick's Completion of his MBA degree

bulletCasey Fuller's Completion of his M.S. degree

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