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Dr. Klassen is Lab Director and brings exceptional research skills to CSE, with more than twenty years of experimental fire and combustion research experience. During his tenure with CSE, Mike has been involved in a diverse range of projects including the development and implementation of large- and small-scale fire tests and combustion studies; chemical kinetic studies of combustion processes such as flame holding in gas turbines; and fuel/air mixing studies of liquid fuel injection in gas turbines.

Dr. Klassen spent his early career conducting research at the University of Maryland and Purdue University where his projects included the development of laser and optical diagnostic techniques, the investigation of the effects of pressure on NO formation in flames, and the study of radiation properties and flame structure of liquid fuel pool flames. He also served as Guest Researcher at the Center for Building and Fire Research (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the Fire Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, Dr. Klassen has considerable experience in modeling fires, characterizing fire suppression systems, and supporting fire litigation .

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