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Gokul is a Senior Engineer at CSE working in the area of combustion chemistry and transport processes of reactive flows related to stability, energy efficiency, and pollutant reduction in propulsion and power systems such as gas turbines, augmenters, scramjets, coal gasifiers, etc.  His professional expertise and interests include chemical kinetic modeling of conventional fuels (e.g., natural gas, jet fuels, coal, etc.) and synthetic fuels (e.g., syngas, Fisher-Tropsch fuel, biodiesel, etc), chemical process modeling and optimization of multi-phase combustion and gasification systems, and reduced kinetic model development for CFD simulation of flame stability and emissions in practical combustion systems.

Before joining CSE in 2003, Gokul was a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering doing experimental work and modeling of the chemical kinetics of gasoline fuel in an effort to develop models for internal combustion engine simulations.  Gokul received his Master of Science and Doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario.  For his Ph.D. thesis, Gokul investigated the chemical kinetic effects of flue gas recirculation on NOx emissions in a low-NOx burner.  His Master's thesis work involved the study of NOx and N2O emissions from fluidized-bed combustion systems for coal and biomass. Gokul graduated with B.Sc.(Eng.) in chemical engineering from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.

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